It is important in this day and age to be security-conscious at all levels. Whether you are a domestic or commercial client, we offer a wide range of security options to suit any requirement and budget. We offer a range of different security solutions from fixed hard wired or optional wire free transmissions. As technology for CCTV surveillance has advanced, 1st Fix Electrical has remained at the forefront of this revolution to ensure that we provide systems which continually adapt to changing face of CCTV system technology.

Modern digital CCTV systems use hard disk recorders to ensure clarity and provide ever increasing capacity for high resolution recorded video. Cameras, recorders and monitors can be connected to IP networks to transmit the video streams and eliminate dedicated infrastructure and cabling systems. Communication systems including copper and wire free transmission can be fully installed and maintained by 1st Fix Electrical to provide to the client an end to end solution.

An intruder alarm system from 1st Fix Electrical is an effective deterrent against unwelcome visitors, keeping your premises and its contents safe. Our alarms will provide you with easy to operate, efficient protection against unauthorised entry. Our systems combine magnetic contacts on doors and passive infra red sensors to detect movement. These sensors along with dual technology detectors ensure total building protection. For site perimeter protection our systems will use infra red beams to detect intrusion. All of our systems are connected to cutting edge control panels and keypads with LCD or touch screen displays so that systems can be set and unset easily.